That drunk night.

It was all too dim, all too blurry – to understand anything. She knew she was in somebody’s house wearing a red dress and black stockings. She knew that the somebody was a stranger and she shouldn’t probably be here. She knew that she was drunk and her head was too heavy to do any kind of thinking. She knew that she was in the wrong place, even the music seemed too foreign for her taste. There was an African, a niger as they call. There were two white guys. One Australian, another from New Zealand. Two girls, one from Russia, another from India. There was one more Indian guy, who presently was dancing with her.

His hands on her hips, pulling her to towards him, his face was buried in her neck and he was doing something. It wasn’t kissing though. Then she felt something wet and realized that her neck was all sloppy with all the licking. She pushed him off and dragged her feet, stumbling at turns or when objects came across – to the bathroom. She switched on the light and it almost blinded her. Somehow, after managing to get to the comod, Kasturba looked into the mirror.

There she was – with her mascara and eyeliner smudged all over her eyes, she looked like one those evil actresses. She stood up and had a closer look at herself, her mouth opened to say something but didn’t. She felt too heavy to stand. “You are drunk”, she pointed at herself in the mirror and repeated herself. Then switched off the lights and got out of the washroom. The room was all dark but she knew someone was there.

It was Victor – the guy from New Zealand, sitting on the bed, typing something on his cellphone. He looked up at her and asked her to sit beside him. She did. He pulled her close and she leaned into his arms. They were heavy, broad and did not stink. She liked being there until he slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her to his chest. She wanted support, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered into his ears, “No..”

“Why not?” He asked in a sleepy, sexy voice.

She drew out her face from his neck and looked properly at him. “Cos I don’t know you?”

He drew his right hand from behind his back and said, “Hi. I am Victor. And I really like you.”

She laughed and threw her arms around him again. He hugged her close and fell on the bed with her. Her arms still around him, Kasturba laughed and said no. He looked at her, her eyes closed and lips pursed. First he kissed her ear, she liked it, the ‘no’ becoming fainter, then he kissed her cheek which she responded with a smile and then he hovered on her lips. She licked them and then he smooched her. Their tongues touching and hands going frenzy. She wanted to keep kissing, not because she liked it, maybe she did – but because she wanted to be awake. Then his hands, went down her body to her legs and then up, between her legs and she pushed him away. “I don’t want this.”

“Come on..” He insisted.

“No. NO! Get off me.” And she pushed him off her again.

He got up and looked down at her with an expression she could not read. He grabbed her breasts and she kicked his leg which made him stumble on the wall. He grabbed her chest again and she jerked him back with her elbows and said NO. He looked her, took a deep breath and walked away. She sat still for sometime. Then the Indian friend walked in and asked her if she needed something.

“Close the door. I want some sleep.”

“You don’t wanna dance?”

“I will come later.. I just wanna sleep now..”

She pulled a blanket lying in the corner of the bed and snuggled into it. Her eyes that were still wide open welled up and she didn’t even know why. Somebody knocked the door and she shut her eyes to sleep. And when she woke up, it was the worst hangover of her life.